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Prepare to step into the fun and exciting world of expertly crafted photo booth signs and props which elevate photography to new heights. Our comprehensive guide will take you through an incredible collection of photo booth signs, each chosen for their unique design and eye-catching aesthetics. The professional and stunning photos that accompany these signs will showcase their charm and potential for creating memorable events. Whether you're a party planner, photographer, or just someone who loves creative detail, these photo booth signs and props bring an extra edge and excitement to any occasion.

Discover The Artistry: Expertly Crafted wood Wedding Sign Products.

Dive into the artistic sphere of exceptional decor brought to you by Photobooth Elegance. We're delighted to present our extensive collection of creative PVC wedding sign products, specifically designed for photo booths. Our mission is simple – to convert your photo booth signs into stunning masterpieces that captivate the scenography of your glorified event! Browse through our luxurious array, choose your favorite, and within moments, charm your guests!

Release your vibrancy, stir emotions, and strike a pose with our intricately crafted PVC wedding signs. Produced from superior-quality and sustainably sourced PVC, each sign adds a modernistic flair to your memorable wedding day. Your guests will surely be baffled by the question – "Where did such an incredible wedding photo booth sign come from?" Spoiler alert – it came from us, Photobooth Elegance, naturally!

Wedding decor shouldn't add to your stress, and that's where our fabulous PVC wedding signs come in handy, notably for the practical bride or groom. Regardless of a rustic barn wedding or a lavish marquee event, our decor selections suit every style and budget effortlessly. Imagine your photo booth encapsulating your love, leaving a warm glow on your guests' faces!

Presuming that such glamor could leave a gaping hole in your wallet? Think again! We're thrilled to announce that our elegant decor series is remarkably wallet-friendly. Far from ordinary, every single article is a creative masterpiece conceived by our dedicated design team. Level up the aesthetics of your wedding day with genuine flair. And guess what? Our decor products are currently on sale! It's the Black Friday effect but exclusively for photo booth props!

Did we mention we're digitally flexible too? Yes, we've stepped into the digital era, providing jaw-dropping photo booth sign solutions for online weddings. Be it a homely backyard wedding or an extravagant virtual extravaganza on Zoom; our wedding signs sprinkle magic on any event, making it remarkably unforgettable. Wait no more, these props are hot sellers, snatch up yours today!

Don't forget, we're not just selling these remarkable props to individuals for their personal weddings. We offer them to other photo booth proprietors who demand quality at an unbeatable price. So, if you run a photo booth and require exceptionality, look no further – Photobooth Elegance has got you covered.


Category Popular Examples Suitable Events
Humorous "I came for the cake!", "Strike a pose!", "#selfie" Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events
Romantic "Just Married", "Mr. & Mrs.", "Love is in the air" Weddings, Anniversaries
  • Vintage: "Roaring 20s", "Old School"
  • Hollywood: "Starstruck", "Red Carpet Ready"
Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Gala Events
Customizable Customizable to match event theme or personal preference All events (Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries)


Impress Guests with Our Unique Photo Frame

Get set for a grand event! Make your party an unforgettable experience with our distinct and expertly crafted photo booth signs and frames. When it comes to putting a memorable touch to your party, count on Photobooth Décor. With our well-crafted party props, your event will become the talk of the town. Be it a joyous co-ed baby shower, a charming surprise wedding or even an impromptu office party, we're here to mold a distinctive impression – one picture at a time.

Think of our photo booth as a dynamic and vibrant character, filled with personality. Packed full of character, we infuse creativity into every inch of it. A playful flamingo frame or a giant foam thumb, a shimmery lucha libre mask, all are there to generate endless laughter and memorable moments at your event.

Take pictures on your own and leave the photo processing to us- our photo booth experts, not just 'eventprinters', will have them printed out instantly. Watch your photo booth transform from bland to brilliant with our assistance.

We've combed through the global party supplies scene to bring you designs that are unique and distinctive. What makes us stand out is not just our superior quality, but also our impressive creativity and a little touch of Photobooth Décor magic. With us, old-school party signs are now passé; instead, we provide trendy decoration pieces that can turn every corner of your venue into a space ready for an Instagram snapshot.

With our broad and ready-to-ship inventory, there is no need to wait. We have an abundance of supplies, ready to transform your venue instantly. Whether it's a pop culture nod, a clever comedic prop, or an attractive frame for perfect party photos, we've got you covered.

Let us add that extra sparkle to your event! We'll make sure your table decorations match your photo booth props, thereby boosting the overall theme and making every corner of your venue selfie-worthy. Say goodbye to the times when guests were eager to leave their seats and welcome the era of interactive table parties!

Not only do we make parties memorable and fun, we also create tangible and hilarious memories with our extraordinary Photobooth Décor. Get in touch with us and let our pros curate the most amazing photo booth experience for you!


Creating Unforgettable Moments with Our Props!


Oh baby, have we got a treat for you! The world of photobooth signs has taken a giant bunny hop forward (and we're not joking). Who knew the humble photo booth could become a campground for creativity's wild romp? Welcome to Photobooth Décor, where prop signs whisper untold stories and bring events to life. Sayonara, stiff poses! Farewell, awkward smiles! Here, every photo booth event burgeons into an experience, an interactive spectacle!

Check out the room so alive with our signage, even the walls are eager to join in! No longer mere backdrops, they spring to life, adorned with our expertly crafted photo booth signage. Every banner becomes a work of art with scintillating jokes and quirky humor thrown in for good measure. This ain't your granddaddy's dull, drab décor, it’s a fresh view that'll make your eyes pop!

Hold on tight, this crazy rollercoaster of fun, photo booths, and even more photo booths is just getting started – And oh boy, are we excited! It's not just about throwing some random items around. There's more to the photo booth props than meets the eye. From aviator goggles to crazy party hats, each of our prop signs is an elaborate narrative woven into your event's vibrant tapestry. That's right! 15 seconds of goofy fun, printed into forever memories.

Let's take a moment of silence for the good ol' mundane photo booths. Their demise officially heralded the sale season at Photobooth Décor where FUN is always up for grabs. Score a photo booth at a sale price while laughing your way to unforgettable mementos. Suddenly, the world of product sales doesn't seem so cold. It's like a warm hug from your favorite funny uncle. Minus the awkward jokes.

Oh, but our photo booth prop sign collection doesn't stop there, dear photo-snapping fans! We've got props for daysssss! It's an exciting ride where everyday products hijack your photo booth experience, tossing it into realms of whimsical wonder. Come on over and discover the magic of Photobooth Décor, where every photo booth event is a sale, every prop sign a laughter-churner, and every photo booth...Well, let's just say an event in and of itself! So, what are you waiting for? View the hilariously whimsical world of photo booths like never before and create unforgettable moments with our photobooth signs and products at a special sale!

Add Christmas Props: Enhance the Fun of Your Photo Sessions

Ho, ho, ho! Want to crank up your photo booth fun this Christmas season? Look no further! Photobooth Décor is here to deliver sleigh-loads of joy with our festive photo booth props! Imagine being the star of your own winter wonderland, or perhaps cheekily posing as Santa himself! Sounds exciting, right? That's because it is!

We’ve created a range of Christmas-themed props that'll have your guests jingling all the way to the camera. With our enchanting decorations adorning your photo booth, you’ll be able to capture Santa's sleigh ride, reindeer games and every cheeky grin under the mistletoe in glorious festive technicolour!

Here's the secret sauce - we know that not all props are created equal. Some props are superstars, turning an average photo booth session into a whirlwind of Christmas magic! Don’t believe us? Try out our fun signs! The right signboard can transform an everyday photo booth into an unforgettable Christmas saga! One click and there you are, cocooned in tinsel and twinkling lights, conveying your Christmas greetings with humor, style, and pizazz!

Now, if you're a photography veteran, fret not! We get it, the mere thought of adding Christmas props might make you break out into a cold sweat, worrying about those major throwbacks to cliched, cheesy holiday postures! Ring the bells, sound the trumpets because we've swooped in to save the day with our unique designs that blend festive frolic with class.

So deck the halls and your photo booths too! With Photobooth Décor’s expertly crafted props and signs, you can add the perfect touch of festive flair to your photography sessions. Your guests will create memories that will keep their Instagram grids and Facebook timelines sparkling long after the Christmas lights come down.

Think about it, photo booth props aren't just about adding a festive surge to your shots. They're about elevating your event, making it the happy place everyone wants to be at! After all, not everyone can boast of an unforgettable Christmas photo booth experience - but with Photobooth Décor, you certainly can!

So, what are you waiting for? Add our photo booth props to your Christmas shopping list and watch the magic unfold! Let’s make your photo booth, well, photo booth-ier this festive season! Together, let's make this Christmas unforgettable, one click at a time! Now that's what we call booth fun!

Celebrate Achievements: Props & Accessories!

 Okay, folks! Gather 'round and lend me your ears! It's time to talk about something we're really crazy about here at Photobooth Décor – graduation signs and accessories. Yes! Signs! Lots of signs! We've got enough signs to make a traffic cop dizzy. I mean, we've got signs coming out of our ears. But hold on! These aren't just any signs, no siree! These are all about celebrating one of life's great milestones – graduation. And man, do we know graduation? It's like asking the Pope if he's Catholic! So, let's spill some beans. When it comes to graduation props and signs, we're not just excited - we're more excited than a mongoose at a snake convention! Why, you ask? Well, because graduation isn't just some measly event that comes and goes. No, kind sirs and madams! Graduation is a monumental achievement that deserves nothing less than a pumped-up party with every sign plastered wall to wall, saying, "I did it! I conquered the academic jungle!" Okay, so maybe we're getting carried away. But hey, it's graduation, and we don't hold back. You may wonder, "What's so cool about these signs? I mean, they're just signs." Whoa, there, partner! Cool your jets! These are not 'just signs', alright? They're the cherry that sits atop the sundae of success. They give the final touch, the spark to your celebration. The signage brings the joy, the pride, the thrill of graduation right at your fingertips. It makes everything pop! But it doesn’t end there, no, no, no, my jolly friends! Seeing those shiny graduation signs, splendidly crafted with love and excitement by our wonderful team, I dare say you will be as astounded as a cat on a hot tin roof. Placing them around your photo booth, they become more than 'just signs'. They become a part of the graduation celebration, like a constant high-five hovering in the background. Suffice to say, we've got signs that'll make you wonder how you ever threw a graduation party without ‘em before. Want a sign with a cheeky quote? We got it! Need a sign that sparks laughter in each snapshot? Yep, got that too. Looking for a sign that spreads tears of joy? Oh, you bet! And just when you thought we pushed all the buttons, we also have stunning photos of our creations to ensure you know exactly what you're getting. So why dillydally? Get on with it already! It's time to make your graduation bash the talk of the town. And believe you me, with our graduation signs and accessories, you're not just setting the bar high, you're launching it into space! Now go forth, you sign seeking aficionados, and celebrate! Let's make this graduation memorable and conquer those snaps with a sign, sign, and more signs! Remember, it's not just a sign - it's a Photobooth Décor sign!

Capturing Stunning Photos and Memories with Our custom collections

Well, hello there folks! We gather here today to honour the remarkable art of capturing stunning photos with our phenomenal sign collections. Now hold onto your party hats, because boy oh boy, do we have some exciting news for you! As esteemed prop creators of the universe, we, at Photobooth Décor, want to make your photos as picture-perfect as possible with our expertly crafted photo booth signs and props. Ain't that something to smile about?

Now, picture this: you're celebrating your birthday. The cake is a masterpiece, the balloons have that perfect just-blown-up look, and laughter fills the air. But wait! What's that in the corner? By golly, it's a photo booth with the funniest, most vibrant props you've ever seen! Strike that pose with our eye-catching pose signs. Who wouldn’t want to ham it up with such a hilarious array of props in hand? You know you’ve got the flair!

Do I see envious eyes glancing over? Fear not, pals! Our photo booth props aren't strictly for birthdays; we've got the whole shebang covered - weddings, graduations, Christmas parties, you name it! Talk about a one-size-fits-all solution! Graduation prop? It’s a done deal. Need something to shake things up at Christmas? Ho-ho-hold on tight, because we’ve got just the right prop for you!

Our photo booth signs aren’t just your everyday run-of-the-mill prop. They're both crafted with love and designed with a whole bucket load of creativity. With unique illustrations to add charm and humour, it's like having your own slice of comic relief at your photo booth. You'll be the talk of the town, or at least the talk of the party!

So you ask, “What's the damage?” Well, brace yourselves folks because, with us, it’s a whopping... set price of USD! Yes, you heard it right. With such an affordable investment, your photo sessions will become a whole lot more fun and memorable. All this courtesy of our expertly crafted photo booth signs and props. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in our case, a prop is worth a thousand laughs!

We at Photobooth Décor strive to make every photo booth an experience. We’re not just selling props here, we're selling memories! And guess what, we're having an absolute blast doing it! So, roll up your sleeves, strike a pose, and become a part of the Photobooth Décor family. Let's turn that birthday, graduation, or any celebration into a picture-perfect memory. Say cheese!


So, folks! Say cheese because at Photobooth Décor, we believe in making your memories authentically extraordinary, outrageously funny, and impeccably stunning. Our expertly crafted signs and props are just the icing on your photogenic cake. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but with our signs and props, your photos will speak volumes! We're over the moon excited to keep creating beautiful pieces for your picture-perfect moments. Till then, shine on, you crazy diamonds! Remember, when you think photobooth signs and stunning photos, think Photobooth Décor. We're not just in the business of props, we're in the business of fun! Isn't it a hoot?



Q: What are the best photo booth props?
A: Well, step right up my photo-crazed friend! At Photobooth Décor, we firmly believe that the 'best' photo booth props are like the punchline to a joke – they change with the crowd! Got a group of groomsmen? Try our superhero capes. Bachelorette party? Bring on the extravagant oversized glasses and glamorous boas! And of course, everyone loves a classic moustache on a stick! It’s a photo booth recipe for success!
Q: What to use for photobooth props?
A: Now you're talking! Crank up that enthusiasm, and channel it into some wild creativity! Anything and everything can be a prop. We've made everything from sombreros to unicorn heads, giant lollipops to miniature king crowns - imagination's the limit! Really, the question should be 'what NOT to use?'
Q: Do you need props for a photo booth?
A: Certain as a lion’s roar! Going to a photo booth without props is like a clown without a funny nose - not nearly as much of a laugh! Props are the magic spice of any photo booth experience, turning ordinary snapshots into legendary keepsake pictures! They add that extra touch of fun and conviviality that stays in conversations, memories and especially in photos for years!
Q: How do you attach sticks to photo booth props?
A: Ah, one of life's little mysteries, right up there with "why do we always lose one sock in the wash?" Don’t sweat it! We prefer to use hot glue for durability and handle-ability. Apply a generous glob of glue on the spot where you want your stick to be (usually the rear of the prop). Position your stick, hold till it sets, and voila! Your prop is ready to party!
Q: What are photo booth props?
A: Photo booth props, my good questioner, are the sizzle to your photo steak, the jingle in your bells! They range from funny glasses, hats, signs, to props on sticks. In a nutshell, these are hilarious accessories that you use as an ADD-ON to your already fabulous self, to inject a whole lot of FUN into photos! Trust us when we say, they're a total hit at all parties or events. They bring out people’s hilarious sides – and isn't that what a photo booth is for?