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Photobooth Decor

Photobooth Sign: Alcohol Antics Collection

Photobooth Sign: Alcohol Antics Collection

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Photobooth Sign: Alcohol Antics Collection

Step into a World of Lighthearted Laughter and Spirited Fun. Raise a toast to the "Alcohol Antics Collection" of photobooth signs – a selection designed for those who enjoy their gatherings with a side of cheeky humor and a dash of liquid courage. Each sign is a playful nod to the joys and follies that come with enjoying a good drink.

Why Your Event Needs This Lively Collection

  • The Toast of the Party: This unique set brings the bar to your event, turning every snapshot into a memorable and hilarious keepsake.

  • Crafted for Cheers and Chuckles: Each sign is not just a decoration; it's a conversation starter, designed to add a spirited touch to your event.

Features Perfect for the Fun-Loving Imbibers

  • Optimal Dimensions for Every Shot: Each sign is crafted for visibility and impact, measuring a convenient 11'' x 5.5'' x 0.2'', perfect for every festive photo.

  • Crafted for Durability: Made from premium PVC, these signs are not only fun but also durable, designed to survive even the most raucous of gatherings.

Sayings that Capture the Spirit of Celebration

  • Beers & Cheers
  • Let's Get Ready to Stumble
  • Buzzin' & Lovin' It
  • Rum Forest, Rum!
  • Trust Me, You Can Dance – Vodka
  • Wine Not?
  • Tequila Made Me Do It
  • Beer Goggles On
  • Designated Drinker
  • Boozed & Confused
  • Tipsy & Tasty
  • Chug Life

Ideal for Any Social Gathering From casual get-togethers and themed parties to bachelorette and bachelor parties, this set is your go-to for adding a dose of humor and a splash of spirits to the mix.

Limited Time Offer: Add Some 'Spirits' to Your Cart Don't miss out on this fun-filled, laughter-inducing set. Add the "Alcohol Antics Collection" to your cart today and get the party started right!

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