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Shimmering - Velvet Plum

Shimmering - Velvet Plum

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Shimmering Velvet Plum Backdrop

Welcome to the world of elegance with Photobooth Décor's newest addition: the Shimmering Velvet Plum Backdrop. Tailor-made for photo booth owners, this backdrop will not just enhance your event's setting but embolden it with a luxurious and high-end feel. Let's dive into what makes the Velvet Plum backdrop a must-have.

    • Lush Velvet Plum hue for an air of sophistication.
    • Made from 100% pure polyester fabric with a 250 gsm weight.
    • Wrinkle-resistant tension fabric ensures a smooth look.
    • Bottom zip lock to tauten and maintain appearance.
    • Both safety and maintenance are a breeze; it's fire retardant and machine washable.
    • Tool-free setup means less time on assembly, more on enjoyment.
    • Choice of single or double-side printing for versatility.
    • Easy to move and store away after use due to its lightweight structure.
    • Pictures come out perfect with the dye sublimation CMYK print method.
    • Lasting durability: The high-grade fabric stands strong event after event.
    • Engaging visuals: The rich plum color adds depth and allure to your photo booth setting.
    • Flexible function: Whether it's a gala, birthday, or corporate event, this backdrop suits it all.
  • USAGE:
    • Adaptable installation: Set up quickly and easily in various environments, whether it be indoors or out.
    • Effortless care: Worry less about messes; simply wash or wipe clean.


  • Dimensions: 2410mm (w) X 2220mm (h)
  • Fabric: 100% pure polyester fabric weighing 250 gsm
  • Wrinkle-resistant: Tension fabric with zip lock at the bottom
  • Fire Retardant & Machine washable fabric
  • Tool-free effortless assembly
  • Graphics: Single or Double-Side printing options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Print method: Dye sublimation with CMYK

Installation and Care Instructions: Assemble in a snap with no tools needed! When your event is over, zip off the cover, fold it up, and you're ready to go. To keep the velvet plum hue as vibrant as ever, just use your home's washing machine on a gentle cycle. If you spot a small smudge, a quick dab with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep your backdrop looking like new.

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