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Photobooth Decor

Neon Collection - Speedscape

Neon Collection - Speedscape

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Bring Your Photo Booth to Life with the Neon Collection - Speedscape!

  • Big and Bold: Your stunning new backdrop measures a grand 2410mm wide by 2220mm high, giving you a vast canvas for your photo booth.
  • Premium Quality Fabric: Crafted from 100% pure polyester fabric and weighing 250 gsm, it stands the test of time and usage.
  • No More Creases: Our tension fabric is specifically designed to be wrinkle-resistant. It stretches taut and is fastened with a discreet zip lock at the bottom.
  • Safe and Sound: With fire retardant properties, you can keep the focus on fun, knowing your backdrop meets safety standards.
  • Easy Cleanup: When the party's over, just machine wash your backdrop with no worries.
  • Super Simple Setup: You can assemble this backdrop quickly and easily without any tools!
  • Vibrant Visuals: Choose from single or double-sided printing options to make your photo booth pop with color by using dye sublimation and CMYK print methods.
  • On the Move: Lightweight and portable, this backdrop goes wherever your photo booth goes.

Benefits That Make a Difference:

Hosting parties, weddings, or promotional events just got brighter with the Neon Collection - Speedscape. It's designed for photo booth owners who want their backdrop to leave lasting impressions. Whether it's the crisp, vibrant graphics or the durability that withstands numerous events, this backdrop gives your business a professional edge. Plus, it's a breeze to keep it looking fresh for event after event!

How to Use Your Speedscape Backdrop:

Transform any space into a photo-ready scene in minutes. Just stretch it out, zip it up and voila – your photo booth jumps to the next level. Guests will love snapping pictures with the eye-catching design of your Speedscape backdrop. It's perfect for creating unforgettable memories and standout social media posts!

Installation and Care Instructions:

  • Assemble your Neon Collection - Speedscape backdrop by connecting the frame and stretching the fabric until it's smooth.
  • Lock the fabric in place with the built-in zip at the bottom to eliminate any creases.
  • To keep your backdrop looking its best, machine wash at a low temperature and air dry. For small spots, a quick clean with a damp cloth will do the trick!

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