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Photobooth Decor

Neon Collection - Radiant Glow

Neon Collection - Radiant Glow

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Neon Collection - Radiant Glow: Illuminate Your Photo Booth!

Transform your photo booth into a vibrant visual spectacle with the Neon Collection - Radiant Glow backdrop. Perfect for parties, corporate events, and any occasion craving a burst of color and energy!

  • Size Does Matter: Spanning a vast 2410mm by 2220mm, our backdrop fills your space with a brilliant neon scene.
  • Premium Fabric: We use 100% pure 250 gsm polyester fabric, known for its lasting quality.
  • No Wrinkles, Just Vibes: Our tension fabric is wrinkle-resistant, featuring a zip lock system to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Safety First: The material is also fire retardant, making it a safe addition to any event.
  • Easy to Clean: After the party's over, throw it in the washer. It's that easy to care for.
  • Pop Up, Show Off: Set it up in minutes without any tools, and break it down with equal ease.
  • Color That Pops: Choose from single or double-side printing for twice the impact.
  • Travel-friendly: Lightweight and portable, it's ready to go wherever your booth goes.
  • Top-Tier Graphics: We use dye sublimation with CMYK for crisp, vivid imagery.

Benefits: Imagine increasing your booking rate because your backdrop demands attention. Not only does our Neon Collection - Radiant Glow make your photo booth stand out, it's an incredible backdrop that clients will love. Durable and dependable, our backdrop is meant to be the highlight of countless events.

Usage: The process is simple. Just stretch out the backdrop, zip the lock at the bottom, and watch your photo space transform. When you’re done, packing up is just as effortless.

Installation and Care Instructions

To install, simply extend the frame, hook the backdrop's corners onto the frame's pins, and pull down to lock the zip system at the bottom for a tight, seamless look. For care, machine wash on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. You can also spot clean with a damp cloth and let it air dry for quick touch-ups.


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