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Neon Collection - Lavish Luster

Neon Collection - Lavish Luster

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Enhance Your Photo Booth Experience with the Neon Collection - Lavish Luster Backdrop

Seeking to dazzle your guests and elevate your photo booth game? The Neon Collection - Lavish Luster backdrop is the ultimate addition for any photo booth owner looking to instill a high-end feel to their events.

  • Elegant Design: With its glowing neon elegance, Lavish Luster brings a luxurious vibe to parties, corporate events, and special gatherings.
  • Spacious Coverage: Size matters in photography, and our backdrop's generous dimensions of 2410mm (w) X 2220mm (h) ensure ample coverage for group photos or solo portraits.
  • Premium Fabric: Fashioned from 100% pure, heavyweight 250 gsm polyester, this backdrop guarantees a professional and seamless look.
  • Carefree Maintenance: Say goodbye to wrinkles with our tension fabric. Our backdrop also features a zip lock at the bottom, keeping it taut and picture-perfect.
  • Safety First: Fire safety is paramount, which is why our backdrops are certified fire retardant.
  • Washable Wonder: After the party, just toss it into the washing machine. The machine-washable fabric makes cleanup easy.
  • Snap Assembly: Ditch the toolbox; putting together our backdrop is a simple, tool-free task.
  • Vivid Graphics: Choose from Single or Double-Side printing to make your backdrop pop from any angle.
  • Travel Ready: Lightweight and portable, you can take Lavish Luster wherever the event calls.
  • Perfect Print: Created with advanced dye sublimation and CMYK color model, your images will be sharp and saturated.

The Pull of Perfection: Benefits Explained

Possessing the Neon Collection - Lavish Luster backdrop isn't just about owning a piece of fabric. It's about the promise of unforgettable events and satisfied guests. It's the assurance that no matter where your photo booth goes, it brings with it a premium experience—vibrant, safe, and utterly hassle-free.

Lustrous Backdrops in Action

Whether it's a pop-up event, a wedding reception, or a vibrant birthday bash, the Neon Collection - Lavish Luster is not just a backdrop, it's a centerpiece that makes every photograph a lasting memory.

Installation Simplicity

Our user-friendly design allows for quick set-up. Stretch the fabric, zip it secure, and stand in awe of the effortless transformation of your space.

Care Instructions

Our backdrops love the spa treatment. A gentle cycle in the wash will keep them looking new. For smaller fixes, a simple wipe and air-dry will have your backdrop event-ready in no time.


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