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Photobooth Decor

Neon Collection - Electric Glow

Neon Collection - Electric Glow

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Illuminate Your Events with the Neon Collection - Electric Glow

Welcome to a world of vibrant color and radiant energy! Our Neon Collection - Electric Glow Backdrop is specifically crafted to dazzle at any photo booth. With its eye-catching brightness and dynamic designs, this backdrop is sure to be the star of your event. Tailored for photo booth owners who seek to infuse some electric personality into their services, this backdrop is not just a product, but a gateway to unforgettable memories.

  • Feature: Massive Size
  • Dimensions of 2410mm wide by 2220mm high provide a vast, sprawling canvas for photos.

  • Feature: Supreme Fabric Quality
  • Constructed from 100% pure polyester fabric weighing 250 gsm for a flawless picture every time.

  • Feature: Wrinkle-Free Experience
  • Our tension fabric is wrinkle-resistant, with a handy zip lock at the bottom for a smooth fit.

  • Feature: Safety First
  • This backdrop is fire retardant and ensures the safety of your guests.

  • Feature: Clean with Ease
  • The machine washable fabric makes maintenance a breeze.

  • Feature: Build in Moments
  • Effortless, tool-free assembly means you're ready in no time, without the hassle.

  • Feature: Vibrant Graphics
  • Choose between single or double-sided printing options using cutting-edge dye sublimation with CMYK.

  • Feature: Travel Made Simple
  • Lightweight and portable, you can bring the glow wherever you go.

Benefits: Imagine a backdrop that not only stands out because of its electric neon patterns but offers such a blend of functional features — it's indispensable. Feel confident using this backdrop repeatedly, larger-than-life graphics stay crisp and clear, and quick cleanups that keep the stunning neon shining bright.

Usage: You'll find this neon masterpiece an absolute joy to use at festivals, birthdays, corporate events, or even just to jazz up a casual gathering. The pop of neon, the ease of setup, and the simplicity of care (wash in machine, zip it up, no tools needed) make ever-changing scenes possible.

Installation and Care Instructions: Set up this piece of photographic art without any extra tools. Once the event is over, zip it down, toss it in the washing machine, and let it air dry to keep the neon glow radiant for your next event. For a quick refresh, rollers can remove lint and a damp cloth can work on spots, letting it air dry will have it ready in no time.

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