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Photobooth Decor

Neon Collection - Electric Glow

Neon Collection - Electric Glow

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Illuminate Your Events with the Neon Collection - Electric Glow

Welcome to a world of vibrant color and radiant energy! Our Neon Collection - Electric Glow Backdrop is specifically crafted to dazzle at any photo booth. With its eye-catching brightness and dynamic designs, this backdrop is sure to be the star of your event. Tailored for photo booth owners who seek to infuse some electric personality into their services, this backdrop is not just a product, but a gateway to unforgettable memories.

  • Features:

    • Size: Just right! At 2410mm wide and 2220mm high, it fits most photo booths perfectly.
    • Fabric: Made with 100% pure polyester, super strong but still lightweight at 250 gsm.
    • Wrinkle-Resistant: Uses a special fabric that pulls tight and smooth, with a handy zip at the bottom.
    • Fire Safe: It doesn't catch fire easily, so it's safe and sound.
    • Clean in a breeze: Throw it in your washing machine and it's as good as new!
    • Put Together Without Tools: No tools? No problem! Easy to assemble with no extra tools needed.
    • Graphics: You can choose to print on one side or both sides.
    • Carry it easily: It's not heavy, so you can take it anywhere.
    • Awesome Printing: Colors are dyed deep into the fabric to last long and look bright.


    • Durable: It can handle a lot of use, so you'll have it for a long time.
    • Looks Great: The neon design will make your photos shine and stand out.
    • Many Uses: Awesome for parties, weddings, or any place you want to add fun!


    • Set it up fast and easy for any event where you want to make a splash with bright neon colors.
    • It's great for everyone – whether you're a pro or just starting with your photo booth.


    • Dimensions: 2410mm (w) X 2220mm (h)
    • Fabric: 100% pure polyester fabric weighing 250 gsm
    • Wrinkle-resistant: Tension fabric with zip lock at the bottom
    • Fire Retardant & Machine washable fabric
    • Tool-free effortless assembly
    • Graphics: Single or Double-Side printing options
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Print method: Dye sublimation with CMYK

    Installation and Care Instructions:

    • No stress setup! Just unfold, zip it tight at the bottom, and you're good to go.
    • Dirty? Just a quick machine wash on gentle, then let it dry – it'll look just like new.
    • For little spots, just wipe with a damp cloth and air dry.
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