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Photobooth Decor

Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle

Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle

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Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle

Transform your photo booth into a world of elegance with the Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle. A backdrop not just for moments, but for creating memories that outshine the ordinary. This backdrop is specially crafted for photo booth owners who demand excellence and style.

  • Grand Dimensions: Measuring 2410mm in width and 2220mm in height, this backdrop is designed for making a bold statement.
  • Superior Fabric: Crafted from 100% pure polyester fabric, with a substantial weight of 250 gsm, it ensures quality and durability.
  • Wrinkle-resistant: Our tension fabric design includes a clever zip lock at the bottom to keep your backdrop looking smooth and professional at all times.
  • Fire Safety: With fire retardant qualities, you can rest assured of safety during your events.
  • Easy Clean: The machine washable feature makes maintenance a breeze. Simply wash and it's ready for your next event.
  • Quick Assembly: Tool-free and effortless setup lets you focus more on your clients and less on installation.
  • Vivid Graphics: Choose from Single or Double-Side printing options to capture the essence of your events from every angle.
  • Portable Design: Lightweight and easy to transport, you can take the excitement of Midnight Sparkle wherever your photo booth goes.
  • Exclusive Print Process: Our dye sublimation print method with CMYK ensures deep, vibrant and long-lasting colors.

Benefits of Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle:

Your photo booth will shine like never before. Experience these fabulous advantages:

  • Durability that lasts through event after event.
  • An aura of luxury that surrounds your photo booth.
  • The versatility that makes it perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events.


Setting up the Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle backdrop is a snap. It's perfect for any glamorous event that calls for a touch of sparkle and splendor. Plus, with its ease of care, you'll save time and effort keeping it flawless.

Installation and Care Instructions:

Assembling the Marble Collection - Midnight Sparkle is simple and quick. Slide the fabric over the frame, secure it with the zip lock at the bottom, and voilà - you are ready to go! For maintenance, the fabric is machine washable for convenience. Use a gentle wash cycle and hang dry. For quick fixes, a damp cloth will wipe away any spots with ease.

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