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Photobooth Decor

Hearts Collection - Golden Euphoria

Hearts Collection - Golden Euphoria

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Create Stunning Memories with the Hearts Collection - Golden Euphoria Backdrop

Add a sprinkle of love and glamour to your photo booth with the Hearts Collection - Golden Euphoria backdrop. Perfect for adding a golden touch to weddings, engagements, and enchanting events. Watch as guests are charmed by the luxurious gold heart details!


  • Perfect Size: Fits your frame at 2410mm wide and 2220mm high.
  • Quality Fabric: 100% pure polyester that’s heavy and hangs just right.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant: Stretchy fabric with a zipper at the bottom so it looks smooth.
  • Safety First: Fire retardant for peace of mind.
  • Clean in a Snap: Just wash in a machine. So simple!
  • Easy Set Up: No tools needed. Piece of cake!
  • Vibrant Prints: Stunning gold with CMYK high-quality dye printing.
  • Take it Anywhere: Light and portable, ready to move.
  • Show off Both Sides: Choose single or double-side print options.


  • A Backdrop That Lasts: Made tough to handle lots of fun and photos.
  • Looks Amazing: Golden hearts that sparkle under the lights.
  • For Every Event: Great for making any special event even more special.


Hearts Collection - Golden Euphoria is more than just a backdrop. It's the heart of your photo booth, where memories are made. Set it up quick, no fuss, and watch your guests fall in love with every snapshot!

Installation and Care Instructions

  • To Set Up: Unroll the backdrop, slide the top bar through, and let it hang down. Use the zip to tighten the bottom. Stand it up, and that’s it!
  • To Clean: Got a spill? No problem. Just throw the fabric in the washing machine on gentle. For small spots, a damp cloth does the trick.

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