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Gradients - Ethereal Haze

Gradients - Ethereal Haze

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Gradients - Ethereal Haze Backdrop

Step into a world of soft, seamless color transitions with the Gradients - Ethereal Haze Backdrop. This backdrop is a premium must-have for photo booth owners who want to offer their clients an elegant, high-end experience.


  • Captivating Gradient Design: Our exquisite Ethereal Haze backdrop boasts a visually-stunning gradient pattern that adds depth and dimension to your photos.
  • High-Grade Fabric: Created from 100% pure polyester fabric that weighs a durable 250 gsm, making it both sturdy and graceful.
  • Resistant to Wrinkles: Designed as a tension fabric with a handy zip lock at the bottom, ensuring a smooth, flawless surface every time.
  • Fire-Safe: Safety is paramount, and this backdrop is fire retardant for your peace of mind.
  • Cleaning is a Breeze: It is completely machine washable, so keeping your backdrop looking fresh is easy.
  • Build it Quick: Tool-free effortless assembly means more time capturing memories and less time fussing with setup.
  • Vivid & Lasting Prints: With the dye sublimation print method and CMYK colors, images are sharp, vibrant, and resistant to fading.
  • Light & Mobile: This lightweight backdrop is perfect for on-the-go photo booth events.
  • Print it Your Way: Choose from single or double-side printing options to best suit your business needs.


  • Instant Attraction: The mesmerizing gradient design engages guests and is sure to turn heads, drawing everyone to the photo booth.
  • Lasting Quality: Thanks to the superior materials used, your backdrop will stand the test of time and many photo sessions.
  • Quick Transformation: Switch the vibe of any space instantly and give your clients a unique, ethereal atmosphere for their pictures.


Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, the Gradients - Ethereal Haze Backdrop will captivate your clients and make their photos stand out. It's simple to set up and sure to leave a lasting impression.


Dimensions: 2410mm (w) X 2220mm (h)
Fabric: 100% pure polyester fabric weighing 250 gsm
Wrinkle-resistant: Tension fabric with zip lock at the bottom
Fire Retardant & Machine washable fabric
Tool-free effortless assembly
Graphics: Single or Double-Side printing options
Lightweight and portable
Print method: Dye sublimation with CMYK

Installation and Care Instructions:

Setting up your Gradients - Ethereal Haze Backdrop is a breeze. Stretch out the fabric, zip it tight at the bottom, and your stunning gradient backdrop is ready to enchant. Keep it looking magical by machine washing it in cool water on a gentle cycle. If you spot a little blemish, simply give it a gentle wipe with a damp cloth, then let it air dry. That's all it takes to maintain the allure of your backdrop.


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