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Photobooth Decor

Gradients - Blushing Blush

Gradients - Blushing Blush

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Gradients - Blushing Blush Backdrop

Transform your photo booth into a captivating oasis of color with our Gradients - Blushing Blush Backdrop. Photo Booth Décor presents this eye-catching piece that's perfect for Photo Booth Owners aiming for a high-end, fashionable look at any event.


  • Enchanting Size: Spans a grand 2410 mm in width and 2220 mm in height, making every shot a masterpiece.
  • Luxurious Fabric: Crafted from 100% pure polyester fabric, dense at 250 gsm, to drape flawlessly.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant: Tension fabric smoothly hugs the frame, with a handy zip lock at the bottom to secure it neatly.
  • Safety First: Our fabric is fire retardant, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Super Clean: Stains don’t stand a chance; it's machine washable for super easy upkeep.
  • Simple Set-Up: Tool-free assembly means you get to the fun part faster.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Choose from single or double-side printing for vivid images that pop.
  • Light and Easy: Lightweight design ensures moving around is a breeze.
  • Best Print Quality: Dye sublimation with CMYK for a photo worth a thousand colors.


  • Eye-Catching Display: Our gradient hues create a stunning visual that stands out.
  • Long-Lasting Impression: High-quality polyester stays pristine, use after use.
  • Fuss-Free Maintenance: A backdrop that’s a cinch to maintain equals more time creating memories.
  • Quick Change Artist: Fast assembly means swift transitions from event to event.
  • Print Perfection: Crystal-clear images make every photo look professional.


The Gradients - Blushing Blush Backdrop is ideal for all your events, from cheerful birthday bashes to classy corporate gatherings. It sets the stage for flawless photos every time.

Installation and Care Instructions:

Erecting this beauty is a piece of cake—no tools required. Washing it is just as simple; throw it in the machine on gentle, and it's like new. For little spots, a quick wipe is all you need, then hang it up for an air dry.

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