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Photobooth Decor

Blurry Lights - Silver Shimmer Veil

Blurry Lights - Silver Shimmer Veil

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Blurry Lights - Silver Shimmer Veil

Transform your photo booth into a magical space with our Blurry Lights - Silver Shimmer Veil. This stunning backdrop is what every photo booth owner needs to make their space shine with elegance and charm.


  • Size: Big enough for group shots (2410mm wide X 2220mm high)
  • Fabric: Soft, 100% pure polyester that feels nice and lasts long
  • Wrinkle-less Wonder: With a zip at the bottom, this tension fabric stays smooth
  • Safe & Clean: It's fire-safe and easy to wash in machines
  • Easy to Build: No tools needed, you can set it up quick
  • Vivid Graphics: Choose from sharp prints on one or both sides
  • Travel Friendly: It's not heavy, so you can take it anywhere you go
  • Top-Notch Printing: We use dye sublimation with bold CMYK colors


  • Looks Stunning: Guests will love taking photos in front of this shiny silver backdrop
  • Durable: Good for lots of events, it won't let you down
  • Fire Safe: Adds safety to your stylish space
  • Wash & Reuse: Keep it clean easily, and use it over and over


Great for all sorts of events – from weddings to birthdays, your Blurry Lights - Silver Shimmer Veil backdrop will be the star of the show. It's built to make your photo booth stand out.

Installation and Care Instructions:

  • Setting Up: Just zip it up at the bottom and you're ready to go – no tools, no fuss!
  • Caring for Your Backdrop: A simple machine wash will do. For little spots, just a quick wipe and some air drying.
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