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Photobooth Decor

Blurry Lights - Champagne Sparles

Blurry Lights - Champagne Sparles

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Blurry Lights - Champagne Sparkles Backdrop

Bring the dazzle of a festive night to your photo booth with Photobooth Décor's premium Blurry Lights - Champagne Sparkles backdrop. Made just for photo booth owners who love to mix elegance with fun!

  • Wide and Tall: Measuring 2410mm by 2220mm, this backdrop is grand enough to fit groups and solo shots.
  • Luxe Fabric: Crafted from 100% pure 250gsm polyester, it feels as high-end as it looks.
  • Wrinkle-Free: No iron needed, tension fabric stays smooth with a handy zip lock at the bottom.
  • Safe & Clean: Fire retardant and a breeze to clean, just machine wash and you're good to go.
  • Quick Set-Up: Assemble fast without any tools; it's a no-fuss solution for busy events.
  • Flexibility in Print: Opt for single or double-side printing to match your event's theme.
  • Light & Easy: Move around effortlessly; it's lightweight, and setting it up is a piece of cake.
  • Bright and Sharp: The dye sublimation print method with CMYK creates bright, sharp images that pop.

Features & Benefits

With the Blurry Lights - Champagne Sparkles, you turn every snapshot into a moment to remember. Its features promise perfection:

  • Create a stunning visual experience with shimmering sparkles that add a layer of luxury to your events.
  • With its wrinkle-resistant nature, your backdrop always appears flawless, saving you time and worry.
  • The lightweight design makes it a breeze to transport and store, ensuring you're event-ready at a moment's notice.

Usage & Versatility

The Blurry Lights - Champagne Sparkles backdrop is your go-to for a variety of occasions.

  • From high-end wedding receptions to birthday bashes and corporate galas, it serves as the perfect background to elevate any event's atmosphere.

Installation and Care Instructions

Set-up is quick. Just extend the frame, cover it with the backdrop, and zip it down. Stains or dirt? Wipe it off or throw it in your washer on a gentle cycle. Hang it up to dry, and your backdrop will be as good as new, ready to shine at the next event!

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