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Blurry Lights - Blurry Lights Moonlit Sapphire

Blurry Lights - Blurry Lights Moonlit Sapphire

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Blurry Lights - Blurry Lights Moonlit Sapphire

Step into a world of enchanting twinkles with the Blurry Lights - Blurry Lights Moonlit Sapphire backdrop from Photobooth Décor. This premium backdrop brings the magic of a starlit night directly to your photo booth, making each photo an unforgettable moment. Designed with excellence for photo booth owners, it welcomes guests to immerse in the glamour of moonlit allure at any event!

  • Size Perfect: At 2410mm wide by 2220mm high, it's the ideal size to frame your guests and capture the moment.
  • Top-Quality Fabric: Made of 100% pure polyester weighing 250 gsm, our backdrops are built to last and look great.
  • Wrinkle-Free Design: Tension fabric with a zip lock at the bottom ensures a smooth and professional look every time.
  • Fire Safe & Cleanable: Our fabric is not only fire retardant but also machine washable for easy care.
  • Simple Assembly: No tools? No problem! Tool-free, effortless assembly means you're event-ready in a flash.
  • Graphics Options: Choose from single or double-side printing to match your event's theme.
  • Easy-to-Carry: Lightweight and portable, this backdrop can follow you to all your events with ease.
  • Superb Print Quality: Utilizing dye sublimation with CMYK for the best color and clarity.

With the Blurry Lights Moonlit Sapphire backdrop, you are not just setting up a photo booth, but creating a seamless experience that blends with your high-end brand. Whether for a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, this backdrop adds depth and beauty that invites pictures to come to life.

Installation and Care Instructions

Easy to install, your backdrop comes with a tension fabric system that is as simple as slipping on a pillowcase and zipping it closed. When it comes to cleaning, just pop it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle and it's as good as new. Stains or spots? Wipe them away with a damp cloth, let it air dry, and your Blurry Lights Moonlit Sapphire backdrop is ready for your next event.

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