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celebration Collection - Confetti Fiesta

celebration Collection - Confetti Fiesta

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Celebrate in Style with the Celebration Collection - Confetti Fiesta Backdrop!

Welcome to Photobooth Décor, where we bring your events to life! Our Celebration Collection - Confetti Fiesta backdrop is the perfect way to spark joy and add color to your photo sessions. Crafted for the photo booth enthusiast, this backdrop blends quality with pizzazz to create memorable moments.


  • Exquisite Size: Spans a grand 2410mm in width by 2220mm in height, creating an expansive canvas for lively photos.
  • Premium Fabric: Fashioned from 100% pure polyester, vaulting to 250 gsm for a feeling of luxury and resilience.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant: Ingenious tension fabric paired with a zip lock at the bottom defends against wrinkles, keeping the festivity flawless.
  • Safety First: A fire-retardant feature adds a layer of protection while ensuring peace of mind.
  • Simple Care: The fabric is pleasantly machine washable, simplifying maintenance.
  • Effortless Setup: No tools needed! Enjoy a smooth assembly process.
  • Vivid Graphics: Select from single or double-side printing to best suit your style, with sharp dye sublimation CMYK technique.
  • Convenience to Carry: Remarkably lightweight and portable, it's ideal for events at various locations.


  • Everlasting Impressions: Not only will it stand the test of time, but it also ensures your photo booth remains the center of attraction.
  • Attractive Backdrop: Immerse your guests in a realm of cheer with a design that captivates and excites.
  • Easy as Pie: Switch between events or photo booth locations with zero hassle.


Our Celebration Collection - Confetti Fiesta backdrop is your go-to for everything from birthday bashes to New Year's galas. Snap the perfect shots with a backdrop that encapsulates the spirit of celebration.

Installation and Care Instructions:

Unveiling your backdrop is as simple as ABC. Stretch the fabric over the frame and zip it snugly at the bottom. When it's time for a clean, toss it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle, or spot-clean with a damp cloth. To keep it looking its best, avoid harsh chemicals and ironing. With minimal care, your backdrop will stay part of the celebration for years!

Get your photobooth popping with our Celebration Collection - Confetti Fiesta backdrop. It's a festival of color and joy that your clients will adore! Order now and watch as your photo booth becomes the life of the party!

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